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the Water Cycle

The Earth is situated at just the right distance from the sun to ensure that water can exist as solid, liquid, and vapour.

Any closer,
the water would boil, possibly creating a greenhouse effect that would heat the temperature on the surface like that of Venus. Any farther, the water would freeze, making plant life all but impossible.

Umpteen Ways to Save Water

by Harry Toye

Recently in Ireland there was a cry and a hullabaloo,
There was a water shortage with a difference; this time it affected me and you.

Bad management and leaky pipes meant water was in short supply, The councils cut everyone off; there was a tremendous outcry,
How dare you cut our water off, I roared and ranted and cried
I was about to boil my spuds, now I’ll have to have them fried.

Must I have a shallow bath or even a short shower?
Don’t worry mam he said, we’ll have it on within the hour.
That was a week a go; I haven’t seen hair or hide,
Our personal hygiene habits are beginning to slide,

For we can’t clean our teeth or even flush the loo
I had to ring and ask, what ever will we do?
He said that when water returns we will all have to ration,
It’s easy to save water if we take independent action.

When having a shower don’t hang about
Splash and scour, a few minutes in and out
And don’t let your ablution mean even further pollution
An alternative that is green is the easy solution

Don’t use chemicals to scour your baths and showers,
There are products that clean, made from plants and flowers
To protect our heritage for all our sons and daughters
Join the revolution against pollution of our streams and waters.

With towns expanding, populations are increasing,
Irelands thirst for water is desperately unceasing
Industry and commerce toil by day and by night
Its demand for more water, is an insatiable appetite
Its not that it’s wrong to try to prosper and thrive
It’s just if we continue to waste water, we’ll never survive.

In this big world we have a shameful distinction,
If everyone polluted like the Irish, we would face extinction
How we seek success with our industrial drive,
Means we would need three planets just to stay alive.

When we look at our country with its rivers and lakes,
It’s hard to believe, a little thought is all it takes,
To cherish and to relish this God-given creation
For the sake of the future and the next generation.
To keep Erin’s valleys and mountains green
And our brackish lochs and swollen streams clean

The moral of this story before I bid adieu
Is that there are umpteen ways to save water – But they all begin with YOU!

© Harry Toye 2019

The First Recycler

by Harry Toye

Did you know that into the last glass of water that you sipped?
A dinosaur one day, may have bent down and dipped
A scaly tongue to quench his thirst Or even lumbered in feet first

As he and his primeval pal recreated In the prehistoric stream of this life-giving liquid
That revives the lives today of all women and men
For it’s the very same water now, as it was way back then.

How can it be that you and me, drink the same water again that they did back then?
Well it’s no fluke, it’s part of God's creation, Take a look at this cycle for a simple explanation

The sun warms the ocean and this causes evaporation
Vapours condense into clouds, this causes precipitation
That’s rain to you and me as it falls down from the sky,
But precipitation is not the only reason why
Our streams fill and sometimes overflow,
Becoming rivers as they grow,

Liquid life in poetry of motions Rivers turn to seas, ebb and flow into the oceans.
But the sun doesn’t just affect the seas round our nation,
It heats the leaves of our trees and this causes transpiration.

Because vapour also rises from the trees,
Clouds form and may even freeze,
In these clouds tiny droplets bounce around,
Fun for them but not for us on the ground
For when they hit each other, they stick together
And this has repercussions for our weather

What goes up must come down And soon rain or hail will fall on every town
With storm and sleet on every street and gutters overflowing.
Rains lash, puddles splash and before long it’s snowing.
The levels rise in all our lakes,
But then thank God, the cloud breaks

The sun warms the ocean this causes evaporation
And He begins his work again to feed a thirsty nation.
We survey the Earth, water end to end But it’s the same ole water, recycled again and again

Water, water is everywhere but less than 2% is drinkable,
Preserve and conserve, because pollution really is unthinkable. Where to begin is plain to see, action is required by you and me. 

© Harry Toye 2019

Was Water Ever Free?

by Harry Toye

 Have you ever paused and stopped to think
What life would be like if we didn’t have a drink?
I don’t mean wine or beer, whisky or porter,
But the most precious of all, a drink of cold water.

Do we waste water, do we really think it’s free, Perhaps because the real cost, we try not to see Thousands of dead children, not as a result of ethnic slaughter
These kids died for want of a glass of clean drinking water

In foreign climes opulent venues with indulgent menus invite you to stay
But in stinking slums broken hearted mums watch their babies die, every single day.
Pity just feels sorry and doesn’t do a lot
Saving kid’s lives, it definitely will not.

Water, water is everywhere,
Enough for us all if only we would share,
But in this matter, all we share is the blame
Collectively it’s a national, crying shame

If we only took on board that without water life would stop.
None of us would dare to waste a single, precious drop

But it’s always been the same concerning you and I
We never miss the water, till the well runs dry.

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© Harry Toye 2019

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