On time I opened the meeting and the worship music commenced. Martina, gave her testimony to how Jesus changed her life. I returned to the stage to give my own testimony and to introduce Paul. He swiftly went into the power and anointing as the beautiful presence of our Holy God filled the room and adjoining room.

At length Paul explained in detail what Jesus endured for mankind and made one and as usual, one only, altar call. With that the aisles were immediately filled with a dense mass of pushing, people seeking to repent as further crowds pressed forward from a room behind. As quickly as Paul could he led each one individually in the repentance prayer. Within an hour there was no visible reduction in the crowd so he moved to leading twelve at a time in repentance and touching each one momentarily, saying “Be healed in the Name of Jesus”.

As people were rapidly touched, healed, set free by Our Living God Jesus Christ and many prophecies were given, the crowd became more excited and did not appear to be getting any smaller. We then realised that people were arriving for the scheduled 7pm start and were filling the adjoining room at the back as those who had been prayed over left by the front of the room.

So when this was done, others also, which had diseases in the island, came, and were healed”

acts 28:9

Paul began leading 20 at a time to Jesus whilst at the same time individually laying hands on them and saying, “Be healed”.
We repeatedly had to call for quiet and for reverence in the presence of Our Almighty God and even threaten to suspend the meeting if people in the main body of the hall did not stop surging forward and if those leaving would not curtail their excited discussions with each other, as they testifyed to what Jesus had just done for them. But the hunger for Jesus continued unabated, fuelled by the sight of people exclaiming that Jesus healed / touched them.

Human chain holds back REVIVAL crowds’  Rush to Repent

As the situation threatened to become dangerous we formed a “human chain” from the handful of Five Fold members, some volunteers who had been healed by Jesus earlier and myself. For several hours the chain was under severe pressure as we strove to hold the crowd back and leave Paul room at the front to minister to the next twenty at a time.

Such was the work load that no one had time to take photographs bar three or four that I managed to snap in the first few hours
Late into the evening after the very last soul accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour the team paused for a cup of tea and to discuss the days incredible events. We estimated that at least 700 people accepted Jesus Christ that night plus we believe large numbers of the tens of thousands who heard over the airwaves.

In the moments before we began the outreach we had decided to hold another outreach for the Sligo citizens who could not get in. We issued three hundred and fifty ‘priority access’ free tickets to our next outreach so that some would not have to endure long queues a second time. With the help of the hotel reception, we were able to distribute the letter below to many who had been turned away and to others as they left.

After the event Paul and Harry returned to Sligo and removed all the billboards and posters as we had promised the local council. To facilitate the many hundreds who were turned away on the day and the scores who rang since, we contacted a local venue capable of holding twice the number of people and so a second outreach, twice as big as the first was scheduled for May in Sligo. But for now, it was back to the day jobs to raise the funds to pay for the next exciting mission. All praise and Glory be to Our Living God Jesus Christ.
Your co-worker in Christ,
P.S.: It was propheciesed by Paul that the last and greatest revival would begin in the U.K. then sweep Europe and then globally.