Before the show though, the Lord told us that “they” (the station) “would not receive a sign from Me but the sign of Jonah.” We believe that one media individual may have had his/her own agenda and wanted to simply sensationalise the interview but the Lord of course had His own agenda.

At the end of the show, God touched all the people, some were healed, and some did not immediately appear to be. However we got two hours to explain in great detail how the listeners could have their names written in the Lambs’ Book of Life, for eternity and to repeatedly lead individuals and the listenership as a whole in the repentance prayer. We were also able to continuously promote the outreach, which is rather amazing as in Ireland; commercial radio stations are not allowed to advertise “religious” events.

After the show, the hotel phone lines were also overloaded with people trying to book seats and asking can they donate. We gratefully declined as we do not seek or accept donations. We also explained that there are neither charges nor fees although in the very early days we sometimes invited one and one only collection/love offering. (Update: however even this was discontinued and continues to be the case. We do not seek donations or fees to avoid being a burden on the people. We rely solely on Jesus )

The show also went out over the Internet and we had notified our intercessors on six continents to tune in, even though there are many different time zones. To hear the show, all one had to do was go to our website, the SLIGO page and click on the link (from anywhere in the world) and one could hear the show live from the West of Ireland.

Melissa our anointed, compassionate and dedicated prayer manager in New York got up at 3am E.S.T. to pray that the radio show it’s self would become a huge outreach and reach tens of thousands for Jesus. Darlene and other key intercessors throughout the USA in particular, also heeded the call and stepped into the gap in the early hours of the morning for the people of Sligo, in the Name of Jesus.
Tommy Marron’s Connaught Gold Show on Mid-West Radio was at 0900 hrs until 1100 hrs, GMT (Irish Time).

On Saturday 29th August Paul and Harry blitzed the town with billboards, (with Co. Council permission) all with JESUS CHRIST the same yesterday, today and forever, Heb. 13:8, emblazoned at the top. And again, as usual, NO evangelists name was mentioned, only the Name of Jesus. On Thursday Sept. 2nd, Paul and Harry went back to Sligo to add further billboards to strategic locations that have high traffic flows bringing the total number to seventy-seven billboards lifting up the Name of Jesus Christ.

Now we wait and pray for the outreach!…