The town of Sligo, in the north-west of Ireland, straddles the Garavogue River where it meets Sligo Bay. It’s known for its literary heritage and rugged countryside. Ruined medieval Sligo Abbey has carved tombs and a 15th-century altar. Sligo County Museum displays memorabilia of local poet W.B. Yeats, paintings and Stone Age artefacts.

“… the Lord will turn this city upside down”

Prophesy by Paul

Sligo Ordained.

After pleasantries were exchanged, Tommy, a friendly professional broadcaster, began by saying “I’m very sceptical, I tell you right from the start.” These were his frank but honest opening words as he interviewed the Five Fold Ministry Ireland on MidWest Radio’s “Golden Connaught Show”, an immensely popular regional radio programme in the province of Connaught in Ireland. 

Little did he know that within 30 minutes the Lord would turn his world upside down and leave him telling the listeners, that he agreed that “this is the genuine thing” and also admitting that he was ‘a little scared’ when he witnessed the awesome Power of Our Living God Jesus Christ. 

Mid-West Radio

It had all begun when the Five Fold Ministry Ireland recently returned from a successful trip to America, and were instructed by God to go to Sligo in the West of Ireland and to ‘take the city’ for Him.

We knew that the next Irish outreach would be in September but did not know the precise date or venue. In our hearts we didn’t really feel over excited about doing Sligo. It was not a city that had ever appealed to any of us even though the surrounding region is quite beautiful and the people friendly and welcoming. When we discussed it at our Wednesday night meeting we all felt ‘uneasy’ about it. Eventually it was confirmed that there was a “problem” in the town that we’d experienced several times before and it usually meant a ‘tough’ (for us) but of course never the less successful, or victorious, outreach for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The ministry swung into action and the first step was to coordinate massive intercessory prayer. We enlisted our faithful Five Fold Ministry Ireland key prayer warriors for intercessory prayer. This combined with many thousands of prayer warriors and hundreds of churches in USA as other continents stepped in to the gap for the people of Sligo. They prayed for:

  • a harvest of souls for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ,
  • a mighty move of the Holy Spirit, 
  • a breaking down of strongholds over this city, 
  • that this be a tremendous time of blessing for the sick, the sad and the lonely, those seeking an answer to life, 
  • that where every one of the thousands of posters is put up in County Sligo, is territory claimed for the Kingdom of God because His Name is on it, 
  • for the protection of the team and their families as the kingdom of darkness is plundered for Jesus. 

The key intercessors came back individually with cautious warnings about the city. Most of the team were ‘hit’ within a day or so. Paul suggested that I ‘put off’ the USA visitors ‘till the next outreach, for their own good. We felt that this could be tough like some in the past. 
This would not be a ‘church’ type “comparatively easy” outreach but a venue where many of the people may not trust us, or are suspicious even cynical. Many will be a little frightened and given half a chance would bolt for the door before we get a chance to tell them of the Good News or demonstrate the love, mercy and Power of Our Living God, Jesus Christ. On top of that, we knew the enemy would work on the emotions of those there and make it a difficult meeting requiring much focus on the job in hand. 

Anyway, immense, intense prayer went into this, a breakthrough was achieved and the schedule was back on track again with Arlene our American friend re-invited to participate in what Paul promised would be a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit. 
After that, the venue was secured, the Lord directing us to the ideal venue at a very reasonable cost. The Miracle Healing outreach would be on Sunday, September 12th in the TOWER HOTEL Sligo, Ireland at 7pm. (local time). 

Having obtained all necessary permissions, the team, (including Paul, the Evangelist) hand-made seventy-seven large, outdoor billboards on which printers printed the image and Name of Jesus on, and blitzed the city. The billboards were backed up by thousands of window posters displayed in shop windows throughout the county and neighbouring counties, all erected and posted by our small team of volunteers. Every member of the team participated including Paul.

Over the August bank holiday weekend and the beginning of the week following, Maureen, Marie, Mariead, Martina and Majella again systematically blitzed the city of Sligo, this time with full colour posters that featured the Name of Jesus at the very top of each one. As well as promoting the event and lifting up the Name of Jesus, this claiming of territory for the Kingdom of God backed up the intercessory prayer. Angels were now surrounding the City of Sligo.
HIS Name was on posters throughout every part of the City. (No evangelists name as usual, was ever used. Only the Name of Jesus.).

In addition requests for prayer support and notices promoting the God-ordained event were posted on sites, boards and forums world-wide. However there were no big-budget plans, no graphic designers, PR companies. Even if we could have afforded it, there was no television or traditional media advertising.

Six weeks before the date, Paul propheciesed, “We have reason to believe that this venue will be PACKED OUT, that there will be an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon the crowds, that there will be MIRACLES and HEALINGS at this very meeting and we believe that the Lord will turn this city upside down”. 

PauL… five fold ministry ireland

As dramatic events unfolded, all indications were that this would indeed be a reality.

Soon every town and village in a fifty-mile radius was also to be systematically blitzed with shop window posters and with large billboards at strategic highway junctions. Not of course without beginning again with more, fervent intercessory prayer, this time covering the entire County of Sligo. His plan was coming into being.

August 14th saw Harry, Maureen, Martina, and Five Fold friends Eamonn and Sandra, and even Paul, again walking the streets of Sligo City, replenishing posters in shops where they had been removed or torn and affixing His Image and Name to every lamppost or lamp standard in the city centre. After a very long day all the team travelled to their respective homes in different corners of the country.