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Preparing the Ground

Six weeks before the date, Paul prophesised, “We have reason to believe that this venue will be PACKED OUT, that there will be an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit upon the crowds, that there will be MIRACLES and HEALINGS at this very meeting and we believe that the Lord will "turn this city upside down”.

As dramatic events unfold, all indications are that this will indeed be a reality. Paul and Harry were invited on to the regional radio station Mid-West Radio that simultaneously broadcasts with North-West Radio to cover a substantial area of the West of Ireland. 

Miracle on-air

The stations represent two out of the top three regional stations outside Dublin and Cork. They had a surprise for Paul when they announced that they had sick people who wanted prayer “on-air”.
Paul had repeatedly stressed that there is only one healer that the praise and the glory must go to Jesus. However he did not hesitate to accept the invitation.

After he had led the lady in the repentance prayer and explained the significance of that, Paul prayed over the sick lady on-air. She received, in her own words, "a miracle healing" and described the ‘heat’ that she could feel throughout her body. Another lady rang in testifying that she could now go up and down stairs with no difficulty whereas before, she could not! She had said the same repentance prayer when Paul was praying over the other listener.   

The station has been deluged with phone calls and emails and has appealed for people to write instead as all their lines were blocked for hours. Tommy Marren, host of the "Golden Connaught Show" then kindly invited Paul and Harry back as the exclusive guests of a TWO HOUR SPECIAL on prime time Fri 10th September '04, from 0900 hrs until 1100 hrs GMT (Irish time!). They have also invited ten very sick people out of the crowds that swamped the station that morning, to come to the station where Paul will pray over them and ask God to heal them.

You have the opportunity to join in, in prayer support and also praise to the Lord for the tens of thousands who will hear Isaiah 53 and exactly what Jesus did for them. The listeners will be led in the repentance prayer and invited to accept Jesus into their hearts and their lives as their personal Lord and Saviour, live ‘on-air’, making this a massive outreach in it’s own right, two days before the event.

You have the chance to witness the Mercy and Power of Our living God Jesus Christ next Friday. Thank you all for your prayers. They are such a vital part of this crusade to reach the lost. I look forward to sending you an exciting praise report to His Sligo outreach soon. Please keep us all in prayer as we go back to the front-line. Praying God’s blessings on you all, your families and ministries. Your co-worker in Christ, Harry
                                                                      "The Next Outreach"

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Mark 12:11

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