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What About Errors/Contradictions?

There are difficult passages in the Bible.
• These include verses that appear to contradict each other.
• Bible was written by 40 writers over 1,500 years. (1 author: God)
• We should expect some differences as they relate to styles,
perspectives, audiences, purposes, and eyewitness testimony.
• However, a difference is not a contradiction or error.
• It’s only an error if there is no conceivable way the verses or
passages can be reconciled.
• Even if an answer is not available right now, that does not mean
an answer does not exist.
• Many have found a supposed error in the Bible in relation to
science, history, or geography only to find the Bible is in fact
correct once further evidence is discovered. For example…
• Seeking to destroy Christianity in the early 1800’s, the French
Institute in Paris (FIP) listed 82 supposed errors in the Bible.
• Today, none of those 82 remain (and neither does the FIP).

Biblical Truth: Evidence and Proof

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