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How Do We Know the Bible Is Trustworthy and Reveals Truth?

Those things in the Bible that testify to its Devine origin.

In the New Testament, there is also clear evidence to believe it is true. 
Dr Frank Turek in his famous book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” details 10 additional reasons to know the New Testament is true. 
Here are two of them:

• Embarrassing Testimony • Excruciating Testimony 

More is discussed in Dr Frank Turek’s book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist”.

Embarrassing Testimony

A principle historians use when attempting to establish whether historical writing is telling the truth is this. If there is something embarrassing to the author or authors it’s probably true because you are not going to make up things that will make you look bad.

They appeared “uncaring” as they fell asleep not once but twice in His greatest hour of need.
They ran away (except John) while the women stayed steadfast. They made no effort to give Jesus a proper burial.

He is buried by Joseph of Arimathea, a member of the Sanhedrin who had sentenced Jesus to die. They left Jesus to be buried in a Jewish tomb. If the disciples were making up a story and had said He has risen when He hadn’t, the Jews would say, Here he is in our tomb. Instead, the Jews said, His followers stole Him away whilst the guards slept. How did they know who did what, if the guards were asleep?

They appear cowardly; Peter denies Christ three times. The women went to the tomb despite knowing it was guarded by armed roman soldiers whilst the men hid in their room. Again and again, the women were the brave ones. Not something that a man would make up, especially at that time. Nor that Jesus appeared FIRST to the women which the disciples found hard to believe at first.

They are ‘doubters’. Despite being taught several times that Jesus would rise from the dead (John 2:18; 3:14-18; Matt 12:39-41; 17:9, 22-23.), the disciples are doubtful when they hear of His resurrection. Some are even doubtful after they see Him risen. (Matt 28:17)!

There are even potentially embarrassing details in relation to Jesus.
He is considered “out of His mind” by His own family who comes to seize Him and take Him home. (MK 3:21, 31). Is deserted by many of His followers (John 6.66).
Who would have made these details up if they wanted to claim that Jesus was God? Also, He is not believed by His own brothers. (John 7:5). Yet James actually died as a martyr later (after the resurrection) as the pastor of a church in Jerusalem.

This is recorded by Josephus the Jewish historian. Jesus is thought to be a deceiver. (John 7:12); Turns off Jewish believers to the point they want to stone Him (When He states that He is “I AM”). (John 8:30-59). Jesus is called ‘ a madman’ (John 10:20); a ‘drunkard’ (Matthew 11:19) ‘demon-possessed’ (Mk 3:22, Jn 7:20, 8:48). Is crucified despite the fact that “anyone hung on a tree is under God’s curse”. Deut 21:33.
No-one ‘making up’ a story about a ‘messiah’ would write a story like this. It’s “too embarrassing”.

Extracts source: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.

The New Testament is filled with embarrassing details about the authors. Too embarrassing to be false! They did, in the natural, appear foolish. They seemed completely unable to understand what Jesus is saying. (Mark 9:32; Luke 18:34; John 12:16). However, we should not be too hard on them. They appeared a ‘motley crew’ as disciples but once they received power from on high at Pentecost, they were transformed.

No-one Willingly Dies for a KNOWN Lie

The Apostles themselves were eyewitnesses to Jesus’ resurrected life.

• They knew first-hand whether or not Jesus’ resurrection was true.

• We can trust them based on the evidence of their lives:

– They had proven moral integrity.

– They condemned lying & stressed honesty.

– They were key figures in their communities.

– They were convinced of the resurrection.

– They became bold overnight.

– They faced beatings, torture, prison & death.

As fearless Apostles, they turned the world upside-down with unceasing dedication in the face of fierce persecution and even in most cases giving their very lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. 

Most died BRUTAL deaths because they knew that Jesus’s resurrection was TRUE.

Where would you and I be today if they had not willingly gone out into the field to spread the Good News?