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Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) – 1947

Dead Sea Scrolls

Discovery of 800 scrolls in caves near Dead Sea.
• Contained every book of O.T. in entirety or part. (except Esther)
• Written as early as 250 B.C. to 65 A.D. (according to
scientific dating methods used by archaeologists).
Key find: entire book of Isaiah written 150-100 B.C.
• Isaiah originally written in 700 B.C.
• Earliest OT manuscripts prior to DSS was A.D. 916
• Isaiah 53 records 25 prophecies of Jesus’ death.
• Entire scroll (19 copies) found in nearly perfect condition.
• When comparing Isaiah 53, only 17 letters differed!

• Two significant takeaways from discovery of the DSS…
1. Nearly identical copy written 1,000+ yrs. earlier.
2. We can trust the accuracy of the biblical manuscripts!