Science Discovers God

Is The Bible Really God’s Word?

Depends on 3 things:

➢ Oral testimony
➢Written testimony
➢ Evidence / exhibits

The Bible Critical Questions

Do we have Accurate Copies of the original OT and NT autographs? 
(Bibliographical Test)

Do they tell the Truth (Inerrant)  and …

are they Trustworthy (Infallible)? (External / Internal / NT Evidence Test)

Old Testament Autographs

4 Then Moses carefully wrote down all the LORD’ instructions…

Exodus 24:4 NLT

26 Joshua recorded these things in the Book of God’s Instructions.

Joshua 24:26 NLT

25 Then Samuel told the people what the rights and duties
of a king were. He wrote them down on a scroll and placed it before the LORD.

1 Samuel 10:25 NLT

Theocracy – Men of God – Prophets

Old Testament Manuscripts

• There are virtually no disagreements about the content or authority of the OT canon.
• Over 10,000 OT manuscripts have been found.
• Written in Hebrew / Aramaic (1,400-400 B.C.)

Christian Old Testament (COT) = 39 books

Hebrew (Jewish) Bible (Old Testament) = 22 Books
• Hebrew Bible is arranged differently than our COT.
Content is exactly the same, including: “400 Silent Years”.
• 18 of the 22 HJB books are quoted in the modern NT.
• The HJB is recognised as authoritative by people of God.
• …not centuries later by a committee.
• Jamnia council 95 A.D. simply ratified existing HJB (OT).
• Jesus confirmed (first & last OT murders): Mat 23:34-35

The Old Testament Hebrew scriptures were painstakingly copied by Jewish scribes, who had a deep reverence for the texts they were copying. Their reverence was coupled with strict rules governing their work: the type of parchment used, the size of the columns, the kind of ink, and the spacing of words were all prescribed.

Writing anything from memory was expressly forbidden, and the lines, words, and even the individual letters were methodically counted as a means of double-checking accuracy. The result of all this was that the words written by Isaiah’s pen are still available today. The discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls clearly confirms the…precision of the Hebrew text.

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