Science Discovers God


The major belief systems all teach the opposite things.

Laws of logic tell us that only one can be true, not…’Coexist’

Various Belief Systems

Jesus is God: His work alone makes salvation possible (done).
All Other Religions • Work your way to God (do).
Pantheism • Everything is God.
Secular Humanism • Humans are God.
Naturalism • There is no God (nature created itself…and evolved).
Postmodernism • God is whoever you want him to be
(no absolute truth)

God: Only Three Possibilities

THEISM • One personal God who created the universe but who is not part of the universe (but He does interact with it).
• God made all.

PANTHEISM / POLYTHEISM • Impersonal God(s) that literally IS / ARE the universe. • God is all.

ATHEISM • Does not believe in any type of God… but rather materialism and natural processes, including evolution…
No God at all.

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