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Contrary to the opinions of many people, (including mainstream media), there IS solid, verifiable evidence that Jesus is God and the only way to heaven.  And although Christians do a great job of stating that the bible is true.... they often struggle to explain WHY the bible is true.

The scientific, philosophical, archaeological, and historical facts and evidence that point to the existence of God, the 100% accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus Christ (who claimed and proved to be God) are overwhelming!

What separates the Bible from all other religious belief systems is Jesus Christ. Jesus not only claimed to be God, but He also proved that He is God. Jesus clearly taught that there’s only one way to heaven: through Him.

All other religions require you to “DO” something to get right with God.  In sharp contrast, Christians trust that Jesus has “DONE” everything for them, which is where the evidence clearly points. Once you place your complete trust in Jesus alone, you are guaranteed to spend eternity in heaven. (Romans 10:9)  

Jesus, Paul, Peter, the apostles and prophets testified to the accuracy and truthfulness of the scriptures, in fact, they often DIED rather than deny what they knew to be true.

However for those who doubt or are unbelievers, in the following pages we defend the Bible with logic, reason and precision based on facts and evidence.

We do suggest that you first read the Gospel of John so that (if you are an unbeliever) we can be clear PRECISELY what it is you do not believe.  We are confident that in the balanced evidence which we provide with gentleness, respect and love, you will discover the reason for our hope and joy and the way, the truth and the life.
(John 14:6).

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Jesus Christ

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About us

The Five Fold Ministry Ireland is a very small but greatly blessed, front-line outreach team that comes not with empty words but in the Power and Anointing of the Living God, Jesus Christ.
Worldwide revivalists, they are a Christian healing, evangelical ministry. At every meeting without exception His Love and saving, healing Power has been demonstrated with miracles, healings, signs and wonders.
This was the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous
in our eyes.
Mark 12:11

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