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“And they went forth and preached everywhere. The Lord walked with them and confirmed the Word with signs following.”

Mark 16:20

Below are a few examples of past God-ordained outreaches in different regions of Ireland. He continues by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, to work through the Five-Fold Ministry Ireland drawing souls to Him, healing the lost, the lonely and the sick. However, we wait now on His timing for the imminent great move of God, to herald in the last and greatest revival of all time… of all lifetimes… combined.

Oh Lord My God

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

John 8:36

Derry / L’Derry, Northern Ireland

In ‘the Maiden City,’ of Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland on the banks of the picturesque River Foyle, the then divided, communities were brought together by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

After a wonderful night of miraculous signs, healings, freeing and reconciliation, over 500 Catholics, Protestants, those with no faith, stood in long queues for hours to individually repent and give their lives to Jesus.


DROGHEDA, Co. Meath, Ireland North-East. 

Phenomenal miracles were prophesied when the Five-Fold Ministry Ireland were expected to return to the magnificent, medieval town of Drogheda in the Boyne Valley. Previous meetings had been packed out an hour before starting time. The horrible history of Drogheda included vicious battles on the ‘green grassy banks of the Boyne’ which had consequences for all of Europe. On the night of the outreach, the Power of the Holy Spirit swept through capacity crowds, bringing peace, healing and hope. Read the dramatic report of the night and about Drogheda’s Bloody history.

SLIGO, North-West Ireland.

Six weeks before the event, Paul had prophesied: “We have reason to believe that this venue will be PACKED OUT, that there will be an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon the crowds, that there will be MIRACLES and HEALINGS at this very meeting and we believe that the Lord will turn this city upside down”.

Read the remarkable report on the miraculous events…

Chapelizod, DUBLIN.

The 75th outreach began in Chapelizod, Dublin, like so many others with an expectant crowd earnestly seeking deliverance from diverse diseases, ailments and burdens. The crowd were rewarded for their patience and their commitment for many had travelled long distances. Little did the team know though, that God had a special surprise for the Five-Fold Ministry. Full details here.

WEXFORD, Ireland South-East
Capacity Crowds
clamber for Jesus in WEXFORD!

Here, leading up to the outreach, we faced severe, spiritual attacks worse than ever before. The series of supernatural attacks caused several members of the team to pay a price and is a story that could form a spine-chilling book on its own some day. However, as said before, it has been our experience that only when there is great resistance are there even greater rewards in terms of souls won for the Kingdom of God.

Before the meeting the local radio station had allowed us to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. Listeners were invited to repent as Paul read the miracle prayer and Isaiah 53 over the airwaves to many thousands of people. The station cancelled regular programmes and reran the interviews the same day due to hundreds of calls. For days the Name of Jesus was lifted up over the air. Praise the Lord! 

The event was crammed to capacity an hour before. I went outside to explain to the growing queues that the hotel was crammed with as many as was legally allowed in on safety considerations. Such was the pressing crowd it was extremely difficult for even me to get back in, and I was to be on stage. I had to shout to the doormen that I was a speaker. Hundreds of people had to be turned away.

The young boy shown above weeps with joy. Healed of lockjaw and a limb miraculously grows inches. (At last, he can play football with his friends). As the miracles and healings continued, the searching souls impatiently clambered for prayer. A handful of stewards tried in vain to hold the crowd back as they rushed forward to individually repent.

On this occasion, the Wexford venue was packed with six hundred souls seeking our saviour. They filled the aisles and the overflow balcony while hundreds queued outside. After Paul read from Isaiah 53 followed by the one and one only, altar call, the entire crowd present surged forward like a wave to receive Jesus. 

As brand new Christians emerged and left, more people squeezed in. The Holy Spirit swept like a flame through the room. As new believers were “slain. the Power of the Holy Spirit set free the sick, the sad and lonely from physical and spiritual burdens. News of the exciting happenings inside filtered outside through the narrow streets causing more and more people to cram in. Some even climbed over back walls when management refused entry at the front and closed all doors! The Lord did another Mighty work. 

GALWAY , Ireland West
Souls were Saved on the Shores of Galway Bay. The crowd was smaller than usual but the presence of the Lord was as powerful and beautiful as ever. Several hundred hurting people crammed into the crowded function room of the Galway hotel. When Paul explained the price that God’s Holy Son paid on our behalf, and why, every hand in the room shot up to receive Jesus into their lives and into their hearts as their Lord and Saviour. The entire crowd queued to be individually prayed for and to repent.  To God the Glory.

Caherciveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland South-West.

Caherciveen, a sleepy picturesque village situated amongst the stunning, breathtakingly beautiful splendour of the ‘Kingdom of Kerry,’ on the South-West coast of Ireland, was host to another mighty move of the Holy Spirit.
Friends from America visited and helped in an outreach that transformed lives and set captives free… even those dabbling in the occult.

In the early days we didn’t record all details of all the events. When time permits we may gather up information, old photos of exciting meetings held in cities like Cork and midland towns like Mullingar. In future however, meetings will be recorded in detail using the latest audio-video technology and uploaded on digital platforms for all to witness.