London Calling…

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Since November 2005 God had laid outreaches in the United Kingdom on my heart. However, we did not know anyone over there, as we thought, and we further knew that it would be an extremely costly exercise for us in Ireland, as we have always funded the outreaches ourselves so as not to put a burden on the people.

However, God told us that we did know someone over there and that he knows us well; that the someone was Pastor Paul Naughton of the Harvest Church, London and that He (God) was going to send him over to us. But as usual He told us to wait on Him and as usual we did, because God is the organiser of all our outreaches.

Some time later in 2006 we received a “surprise” phone call from Pastor Paul of Harvest Church, Edgeware, London U.K. This was the first time we had been in touch in about twenty years, since Pastor Paul knew us in the early days of doing outreaches in the U.S.A. when he was a backing musician in our team.

Pastor Paul said that he was coming over to Ireland, which he did. We felt that God would allow Paul an opportunity to be a significant help with U.K. outreaches to reach the lost for Him. We then planned a U.K. outreach but found the costs tremendous and God told us again to wait on Him and to let Him do it, so again we did. Pastor Paul invited us to minister in his church in London, England. There we were pleased to meet a hardworking team: Dave and Aleisha in the music ministry, Sarah in the office, Dave our driver, Assistant Pastor Temmy and Pastor Naughton’s dedicated wife Joanna and all the joyful church members there.

The anointing of Paul of the Five Fold Ministry Ireland brought a wonderful presence of God throughout the place whilst we were there. The powerful anointing permeated the meeting with most people coming forward for prayer and there were many wonderful prophecies. Many were slain in the Spirit or touched by God. All were greatly blessed and witnessed a power unlike they had ever witnessed there before or, to the best of our knowledge, since. Praise the Lord.

Above Pastor Paul talks with Paul and Harry. Members of the congregation at Pastor Pauls first church location. Also members of Harvest Church leadership team who all were slain in the Spirit when they visited another outreach we were having in London.

But unfortunately time was not on our side. We had to vacate the premises by a certain time so the meeting had to be stopped, halfway through. We promised to return to facilitate those people who didn’t get prayed with and arranged an evening meeting at a later date. But God was laying it strong on my heart that the U.K. was in for a great blessing. That month many world evangelists descended on London including Morris Cerrello, Benny Hinn and several others. We believed this brought a tremendous blessing to the U.K. capital.

So we returned to our second meeting at the Harvest Church in Edgeware, London and yet again there was a tremendous anointing in the church and again people came forward, people were slain and there were many prophecies of what God was going to do in the U.K. at a future date.

Pastor Paul Naughton, who originally came to know the Lord through the Five Fold Ministry many years previously, came forward with his wife, Pastor Jo. Both were slain in the Spirit and received a blessing.

We believe this church is offered the opportunity to be a revival church to reach the lost, the lonely and the sick. (note from Harry: Joanne shared a word of wisdom with me later, “We must continually strive to remain God’s first option”).

We felt in our hearts that there was no point in opening up at this point in another venue in London when the biggest names in the Christian world are already there. However we knew that God was definitely not finished but only starting in the U.K.

“A major revival will start in the UK.”

Paul… Five fold ministry ireland

A lady preacher and her husband appeared on Christian television the other night. They had been sent by God to the U.K. to tell them, as we have been telling them many times, that God wants to do and will do, a major work in the U.K. God then laid it on our hearts to go to London and to the Benny Hinn meetings. We eagerly looked forward to these, when someone else would be doing the praying and the organising. We thoroughly enjoyed these blessed and anointed meetings crammed with capacity crowds and witnessed numerous healings throughout the huge Excel Centre.

First we went on the Friday evening and then on the Saturday morning but could not get in on Saturday night as the venue was full from 4 pm and multitudes had to be turned away in their thousands. God still sent us to join with the crowds and say to the people that this certainly is a great sign of revival in London when there are thousands of people outside still queuing yet cannot get into a massive Christian meeting because it is full up. It is marvellous and an obvious sign to the Christian Churches in London to come together now as one, as they are supposed to, and to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.