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As the excitement and anticipation mounted we thought back to how this God-ordained meeting began…

How did we get here?

We considered as we drove a little faster, how we could help those terribly disappointed people who could not get in and how we could make sure that no soul was denied this opportunity to receive Jesus.

When we had been over in the U.S.A. recently, we knew that the next Irish outreach would be in September but did not know the precise date or venue. In our hearts we didn’t really feel over excited about doing Sligo. It was not a city that had ever appealed to any of us even though the surrounding region is quite beautiful and the people friendly and welcoming.

When we discussed it at our Wednesday night meeting we all felt ‘uneasy’ about it. We enlisted the key prayer warriors with intercessory prayer. Eventually it was confirmed that there was a “problem” in the town that we’d experienced several times before and it usually meant a ‘tough’ (for us) but of course never the less successful, or victorious, outreach for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our first step as always, was now to mobilise all our faithful, prayer warriors and in this case even more intercessors than normal all around the world.

They prayed for: a harvest of souls for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, a mighty move of the Holy Spirit, a breaking down of strongholds over this city, that this be a tremendous time of blessing for the sick, the sad and the lonely, those seeking an answer to life, that where every one of the thousands of posters is put up in County Sligo, is territory claimed for the Kingdom of God because His Name is on it, for the protection of the team and their families as the kingdom of darkness is plundered for Jesus. .

The key intercessors came back individually with cautious warnings about the city. Most of the team were ‘hit’ within a day or so. Paul suggested that I ‘put off’ the USA visitors ‘till the next outreach, for their own good.

We felt this could be tough like a few in the past. This would not be a ‘church’ type “comparatively easy” outreach but a venue where many of the people may not trust us, or are suspicious even cynical, a little frightened and given half a chance would bolt for the door before we get a chance to tell them of the Good News or demonstrate the love, mercy and Power of Our Living God, Jesus Christ.

On top of that we knew the enemy would work on the emotions of those there and make it a difficult meeting requiring much focus on the job in hand.

Anyway, immense, intense prayer went into this, a breakthrough was achieved and the schedule was back on track again with Arlene our American friend re-invited to participate in what Paul promised would be a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit.

The Name of Jesus Lifted Up Over Sligo

Over the August bank holiday weekend and the beginning of the week following, Maureen, Marie, Mariead, Martina and Majella systematically blitzed the city of Sligo with full colour posters that featured the Name of Jesus at the very top of each one. As well as promoting the event and lifting up the Name of Jesus, this claiming of territory for the Kingdom of God backed up the intercessory prayer. Angels were now surrounding the City of Sligo. HIS Name was on posters throughout every part of the City. (No evangelists name as usual, was ever used. Only the Name of Jesus.).

Soon every town and village in a fifty-mile radius was also to be systematically blitzed with shop window posters and with large billboards at strategic highway junctions. Not of course without beginning again with more, fervent intercessory prayer, this time covering the entire County of Sligo. His plan was coming into being.

August 14th saw Harry, Maureen, Sandra, Martina, and a Five Fold friend Eamonn, and even Paul again walking the streets of Sligo City, replenishing posters in shops where they had been removed or torn and affixing His Image and Name to every lamppost or lamp standard in the city center. After a very long day all the team travelled to their respective homes in different corners of the country.

Jesus Christ

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The Five Fold Ministry Ireland is a very small but greatly blessed, front-line outreach team that comes not with empty words but in the Power and Anointing of the Living God, Jesus Christ.
Worldwide revivalists, they are a Christian healing, evangelical ministry. At every meeting without exception His Love and saving, healing Power has been demonstrated with miracles, healings, signs and wonders.
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Mark 12:11

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