First and foremost…. Intercessory Prayer!

This Bulletin was sent out to ‘prayer warriors’ across the globe:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Again we come to you to ask for your wonderful prayer support for HIS upcoming outreach.
The associated publicity will be our most ambitious yet with the Name of Jesus lifted up on huge billboards in numerous, strategic locations throughout Ireland’s capital, Dublin City. Even without the actual outreach event this is a tremendous witness with HIS Name also dominating large posters on five hundred shops.

The event will happen on Sunday 21st April 2002 at 6pm in the West County Hotel, Chapelizod, DUBLIN.
We believe we are living in very exciting times where revival is breaking out in different locations around the world with miracles, signs and wonders manifesting at large outreaches in several countries.

Is this not great news for each and every one of us because each one of us is a partaker of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? We can now witness the evidence of all the prayers that have gone to the heavens to bring about these glorious events. This is why we depend on each and every one of you for your individual prayer support for every outreach that we do. Hundreds of thousands of intercessors are praying daily for a mighty harvest of souls. These prayers are fully in keeping with God’s will and we know that they are heard.
We believe that each one of us is a member of the family of God and in need of each other, working as one, unified body of Christ. Working together to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and HIM crucified. We ask you specifically to pray that we reach the lost with HIS message and HIS free gift of Salvation For another tremendous harvest not just at the event but at numerous points throughout Dublin.

That when people see HIS Name on the posters they are convicted and turn away from their sins and turn to Christ.

Let their be two outreaches, one in the hotel and one in the streets of the city. And for protection for the team and their families, against the attacks of the enemy.

As we are only a tiny team we never have enough time to write to everyone although we lift you all up in our prayers daily. Let us take this opportunity of thanking each and every one of you personally that has faithfully supported our outreaches, in your individual prayer closets.
Be assured that God hears your unseen prayers in your hidden prayer rooms. For your selfless actions we will be eternally grateful. For without your prayerful support we do not believe these last 74 outreaches would have been possible.

Totally trusting in God, the team members, who give of their time freely and gladly; have financed all of these outreaches without any outside help, working at full-time occupations to cover all the associated overheads. This leaves us debt-free and we believe this in itself is a miracle. May the Lord Bless you and your loved ones. Harry.