The Battle Begins.

HOW IT BEGAN: In mid-July that year, the Lord had revealed to Paul, the location and date for HIS next outreach. DROGHEDA (Ireland) and on Sunday 26th August.

None were surprised at the short notice as this had become the “norm”. Over the previous 72 meetings HE had rarely given us more than 5/6 weeks notice regardless of the size of the event.
This time though we were met with pretty consistent opposition.

However, it has been our experience that only when there is great opposition are there even greater rewards, in terms of souls won for the Kingdom of Heaven.

five fold ministry ireland

Within days the following began:
Firstly we had difficulty in contacting our usual prayer warriors/intercessors due to sudden serious computer problems; then unusually heavy demands on our time at work (the day jobs that finance the meetings) attempted to distract us from the mission that God had ordained. Many of our usual intercessors apparently didn’t respond this time however new intercessors came forward to supplement the remaining remnant.

The hotel when first approached to reserve the venue declared that the hotel was fully booked that evening and was definitely not available. However when we tried booking the next day in a team members name instead of the ministry name, we were accepted immediately.

Two colleagues and myself had three separate car accidents on the same morning in three different parts of the city. Thank the Lord that there were no injuries.

Two days after vehicle repairs, a motorist drove into the back of my car whilst paused at a tollbooth repeating the previous damage. Next day I was subjected to three severe examples of road rage within a period of thirty minutes. One incident was particularly eerie when an enraged motorist yelled that someone had blown their horn loudly at him when stopped at a red light. No one had made a sound!

All the normally fit team experienced health problems
Paul’s car was damaged enroute to investigate the sabotage of our outreach posters.

Problems with the computer resulted in many extra hours of work late into the night. (The engineers practically rebuilt the system yet could find no explanation for the faults that interrupted the design/printing of the outreach posters.)

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

ephesians 6:12

Paul (evangelist), Maire (our 77 yr. Old intercessor) and myself walked the streets of Drogheda putting up thousands of shop window and in-store posters.

After obtaining permission from Drogheda Corporation to lift up the Name of Jesus across the town with 30 large billboards, the team did just that. Affixing large posters with only the Name of Jesus, (no poster featured the evangelist’s name) to the boards we set off at night and covered the town at every strategic intersection and along the main streets.

Only once before in their history had the corporation given this permission and that was at our last outreach there, 7 years previously. A local Christian church had been forbidden to even put up posters advertising Sunday services despite three years of pleading.

However after putting up the posters on a Friday night a freak, severe storm arose on the Sunday. Monday morning the Lord told Paul, to drive to Drogheda. All the posters were illegible and damaged. At least they had survived Saturday the busy day in town. The team cancelled all plans and late that night we had repaired every poster so that the end result was better than the first attempt.

Wednesday morning Paul led by the Holy Spirit visited Drogheda, to learn that someone had systematically torn down every single poster and stolen the expensive backboards. Immediately Paul contacted the printers and had Two Hundred posters rushed out the same day. We rang the corporation and got permission to paste lamppost posters. That night our small team again cancelled individual plans and covered the whole town, lifting the Name of Jesus up in nearly TWO HUNDRED places instead of the original 30.

All The Forces Of Darkness Cannot Stop What God Has Ordained.

ISAIAH 14:27

Seven times we had to return (because of errors), to another professional printer who was making rubber stamps to be used in bibles that we gave away free.
The two main newspapers that promised editorials lost or “didn’t receive” the PR material, twice.

However the main local radio station LM/FM, stepped in with over a half hour of continuous interview. The station’s chief interviewer, Ray Stone remembered that after their last interview in their tiny 2-room station 7 years before, Paul had prayed for a large, new station for them and that they would prosper for having helped promote the Lord’s work. Now, they interviewed us in their new, state-of-the-art premises built on their own grounds AND permitted Paul to lead 180,000 listeners in the repentance prayer after hearing exactly what Jesus had done for every man, woman and child on Earth.