The historic St. Lawrence Gate

The Taking of Drogheda.

Phenomenal miracles are expected in Drogheda!

That was the headline in the press release at that time in the historic county of Louth in Ireland.

The scene of many battles, this time the only fire to burn throughout the town would be that of the Holy Spirit.

This is how it began…

Phenomenal miracles are expected in Drogheda as the Five Fold Ministry, the non -denominational, non-profit, Christian healing team return to the Westcourt Hotel, Drogheda on Sunday, 26th August 2001 AD at 6pm.

One of the most powerful healing groups in the world, their meetings have attracted widespread interest and publicity on both sides of the Atlantic for miraculous signs and healings that have reportedly occurred during these FREE events. Last time the group visited Drogheda, such was the crowd, the hotel ran out of seats and the doors had to be closed due to crowd control fire regulations.

Limerick and Wexford venues also drew full capacity crowds even before opening time whilst hundreds afterwards claimed release from anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis, alcoholism, hearing and sight difficulties etc. and a varied range of ailments.
In the divided City of Derry before Christmas, Mark Patterson’s Radio Foyle programme received numerous calls from Protestants and Catholics who were united in their thanks to God for many healings at that meeting and as a result of the broadcast. One lady, forty years a widow had such severe arthritis, her home had to be specially adapted with bars and banisters to hold onto. Often she had to crawl upstairs on her hands and knees.

The day after the meeting she was on air telling everyone how she RAN up the stairs the previous night. Many claimed that it was a wonderful night of miraculous signs, healings, freeing and reconciliation. In the days that followed callers spoke of receiving peace or healing not just at the meeting but when “Paul” spoke about Jesus on the air.

Paul is the charismatic leader of the small, voluntary group who give of their time freely and gladly, paying their own expenses. He withholds his name from all publicity, including the posters now springing up all over Drogheda, as he wants, “to lift up only the Name of Jesus Christ, the one true healer”

Paul urges everyone, especially the sick of all denominations, to avail of this their 73rd meeting but to come early to avoid the disappointment of being turned away. Meetings are usually full before opening. He added, “Drogheda will be the centre of a great outpouring of God’s Spirit on Sunday, 26th August 2001” whilst stressing, “Healing does not come from me. It comes from God and only at His will. We’re not ‘hard-core bible-thumpers’ and there’s no yelling or stomping. Just gentle music and calmness. We’re not telling anyone new doctrines but all of us need help, when human help doesn’t work there is someone to lend a helping hand in life. We’re not here to point a finger only to preach a loving God”.

Come to Me

“Those attending this meeting will witness things they have never seen before nor may ever see again in their lifetime. The Power of God will heal in Drogheda on that evening and I promise the people will not be disappointed” assured Paul.
Thousands of churches of all denominations and Hundreds of thousands of individuals from countries all over the world are praying and fasting that all who attend this meeting will be greatly blessed. Christians to whom we are forever grateful from every corner of the globe, from Alaska to Florida, Canada, Europe (inc. U.K.), Australia, Africa, Asia etc. prayer warriors whom the peoples of Drogheda and Ireland have never met, have come together and are on their knees daily that the desires of hurting people’s hearts will be granted.
We believe that this meeting will be a tremendous breakthrough for spiritual advancement in Ireland and an even greater harvest for the Kingdom of God.
A special thanks to the local press, to LM/FM radio, the Drogheda Corporation, the local shops, the people on the streets, ALL have been friendly, helpful and welcoming.