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New Testament Canon Formation

• By A.D. 100, all 27 NT books were written and “received” as Scripture by the churches. • Within one generation of NT completion, every book had been cited by an early church father.
• NT books were recognised by the people of God.
• …not centuries later by a committee.
• Those same 27 books ratified by the Council of Hippo in A.D 393
& Council of Carthage in A.D. 397

The NT Canon is authoritative and closed.

 1. The NT Canon was confirmed and received by the early church leaders as the books were written.

2. Decisions were made immediately by the people of God who recognised certain writings as authoritative. These decisions were not made centuries later by an outside council.

3. The people of God were careful to confirm or reject books that weren’t authoritative

The New Testament is 100% accurate and trustworthy.

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