When the Republic of Ireland received the dreadful news of its first confirmed case of the evil Foot and Mouth viral disease, great anxiety spread throughout the island. No one was in any doubt as to the potential for disaster that loomed large. All were aware how devastating this virus can be and has been, in every country worldwide where it has raised its ugly head.
In Great Britain our nearest neighbour just a few miles across the Irish Sea, it spread like wildfire, decimating the farming industry, destroying livelihoods, dealing an appalling blow to hardworking farmer’s families. Within weeks of the outbreak the terrible toll had risen to 800 cases. The statistics so far, made grim reading.

At the time of writing this, there was over one thousand nine hundred confirmed cases. Eight thousand, eight hundred and fifty four premises have had to have animals slaughtered. Over 3.5 MILLION animals, healthy as well as sick had been cremated.

Within hours of the outbreak striking Ireland with the first confirmed case, the Five Fold ministry contacted our beloved Prayer Warriors around the world. We were flooded with emails from concerned Christians, agreeing in Christ’s Name with the Five Fold, standing firm on HIS Word, to refuse this evil in our midst. From all over North America, Europe, Asia and Africa etc., prayer warriors agreed that NOT EVEN ONE more case would be confirmed. For it is written:

If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14.

I am delighted to report that our Lord is a Lord who keeps His promises. There has not been EVEN ONE further confirmed case of Foot and Mouth since the prayer warriors united in prayer, and Ireland has now regained its official status as a totally Foot and Mouth disease free country, CLEAN and ready for the next outreach and revival! And thank YOU all. May the Lord Bless and protect you all. Heb.6:10. The outreach is STILL on…

HE’s in charge!

At 5pm, Sunday 4th March 2001 AD, the crowd began to gather in the Spa Hotel Lucan, Co. Dublin, fifteen miles west of Dublin City. They eagerly anticipated an eventful night, praying that they would receive a miraculous cure from God for their illnesses and afflictions. They were not to be disappointed. By the end of the evening, the miracles and healings had been so abundant that we lost count but all knew that Jesus Christ had demonstrated his love for the lost, the sick and the broken-hearted once again.

However, something most unusual and unexpected happened in the hours between 5pm and 7pm. Although many people had travelled distances including some ladies from Galway on the west coast of Ireland, the room was not filling up as rapidly as usual. People trickled in, in two’s and three’s until by 6:50 pm there were approximately one hundred and forty people in the room. I looked out of the hotel at the motorway/freeway. It was strangely deserted and for a moment I thought the remaining Foot and Mouth restrictions were beginning to bite.
Then I confess I had a fleeting moment of doubt. A thought crept into my head. Had I forgotten something? Did I do something wrong? Was God not pleased? As I watched the entrance, half expecting a convoy of coaches to arrive with passengers apologising for their lateness, Paul walked over to me. “Relax”, he said, ”We’ve done all that we can do. Now all that remains is for us to stand firm and leave the rest to God. HE’s in charge.”

At 7:10 pm we commenced the meeting knowing that God had a plan, just not knowing what it was. The anointed music worship from Martina was even more beautiful than ever. The presence of the Lord filled the room and all was peaceful and calm. People wiped tears from their eyes as Paul described what Jesus endured for us. When asked once, and once only, who wanted to accept Jesus, ALL hands went up immediately and in unison. One by one they queued to be individually led in the repentance prayer by Paul.

Then the miracles and the healings began. Dramatic, clearly visible by all, life-changing miracles occurred repeatedly and continuously throughout the entire evening as the Power of the Holy Spirit swept in wave after wave across the amazed crowd. Praise and Glory to the Lord.

There was the young man with the paralysed arm as a result of a car accident. After he accepted Jesus, Paul instructed him to stretch out his arm, and to clench and unclench his fist. “But it’s paralysed” he protested. “Do it now” urged Paul. Slowly the man moved his paralysed arm. The astonishment on his face and those around him told the story as he clenched and unclenched the previously immovable fingers and hand. “The grip is getting stronger and stronger,” he stammered excitedly.

The next person in the repentance queue was a lady who was unable to bend her knees due to a severe form of arthritis.
Within minutes of prayer she was able to jump, squat and dance without any pain whatsoever.
She profusely thanked Paul who of course explained there is only one, true healer, Jesus Christ alone.

Then Paul added,” God has something else for you.
You are going to see Jesus.”

With that the lady was “slain in the spirit”.

When she recovered she addressed the crowd with tears of joy in her eyes. She told of a brilliant light and a wonderful peace. That words could not describe the beautiful experience of standing in the presence of our Lord.

One young mother after being healed of a serious illness returned to the meeting twice during the evening. She testified excitedly and sincerely that prior to Jesus healing her that night she was definitely an unbeliever.

Now she knew that Jesus was real! Now she knew that Jesus was alive! Now she was a believer!

One brave man suffering from the debilitating motor neurones disease was helped painfully, slowly to the front supported by his wife and a friend. Shaking and trembling he accepted Jesus. He then walked unaided, slowly but strongly back to his seat; all trembling, all fear gone. We await medical reports on this and several cancer healings.
Although we are overjoyed with the miracles and healings that persisted all evening, the primary focus of the Five Fold Ministry is to save souls by the Grace of God, for the Kingdom of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The miracles are secondary but serve to attract the crowds whom we can then tell about Jesus and Him crucified.

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; 
In my name . . . they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

Mark 16:17-18