It had all began with Paul feeling ‘in his spirit’ that the Lord had another outreach, our 70th, in mind. When the event was confirmed approximately five weeks before the meeting, our small team moved.
First and foremost, intercessory prayer was required. Maire, 77yrs.young (then, now gone to her heavenly reward) and Mairead (Marie’s daughter) and our team intercessors, began praying and fasting. Then came our prayer warrior partners from all around the world. Brothers and Sisters from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Rumania, Russia, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland and others.
All prayed continuously for a plentiful harvest and against the forces of darkness as the enemy attacked. Churches of ALL denominations worldwide (excluding Ireland, at that time) united in a common purpose to help further HIS work.

Three weeks before the outreach, the Holy Spirit opened doors all over Dublin. The normally hard-nosed business community welcomed us with open arms as thousands of window posters proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ went up on their premises, throughout the city, lifting up only the Name of Jesus. No evangelist’s name was mentioned.

We could discern the city becoming ‘lighter’ as Dublin was immersed in focused prayer from prayer warriors all around the globe. Now large billboards, similar to those used by U2, The Corrs, Westlife, etc. were appearing at strategic intersections all over the city, again lifting up only the Name of Jesus. This in itself before the meeting, is we believe, revival in the city. When His Name is lifted up then He will draw all people onto Him. Each poster was seen by hundreds of thousands and claimed more spiritual territory as we advanced on the enemies’ kingdom.

Only the Name of Jesus on the posters.

The enemy attacks!

Advertisements were placed in seven newspapers and the enemy ensured that things didn’t run smoothly. One paper’s advertisement was a disaster with misprints, mistakes, misquotes from the scriptures; another was delayed too late for the meeting, yet another omitted vital aspects of the advert. Still, some of the ads survived, proclaiming the Good News to be read by several million people. 

Press releases had to be repeatedly sent by email and fax to radio stations, as most of them unexplainably misplaced or lost the information.  One third of bibles sent from the USA by a committed Christian are still missing in the post, however the remainder although delayed arrived in time. Together with existing stock they were sufficient for our needs on the night. 

Various departments in council authorities all initially refused permission for the posters to be displayed on lampposts but they eventually relented and agreed with strict conditions. All posts had to be numbered and clearly identified on maps. Written undertakings to remove all materials within 24 hours of event etc. That complied with, the Name of Jesus was again lifted up. 

From the beginning to the end of the campaign we were plagued with computer problems. A lengthy series of malfunctions regularly materialised despite best efforts of engineers, particularly when we were liasing with prayer warriors. 

All the normally fit team were hit with health problems and work problems. There was even two near catastrophes. Two family members were involved in frightening incidents, simultaneously, in different parts of the country. Only the Grace of the Lord and the prayers of prayer warriors saved them from serious injury or worse in car accidents. 

It has been our experience that only when there is great opposition, is there an even greater reward of souls won for the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, so we were not at all surprised at the enemies’ next tricks. 

Paul… Five Fold Ministry Ireland

Attacks intensify!
Be not afraid 

In England, a devastating epidemic of the evil virus, Foot and Mouth disease, manifested and spread rapidly. Within days one confirmed outbreak materialised in the Northern part of our little island. With our Celtic Tiger economy threatened the Irish Government rapidly deployed draconian measures to curtail movement of people and animals to protect against the virus. 
There were 3 hour delays as a ring of steel; Army and Garda (police) closed the North / South border with compulsory vehicle searches and disinfecting of shoes and vehicles’ tyres. 

Television, radio and newspaper notices continually warned people throughout the day, every day, NOT to attend gatherings in public places, NOT to travel unless essential. Concerts were postponed, major sporting events were cancelled, and even church services in parts of N.I. were cancelled. (The pubs remained open though).  In the natural, prospects for the meeting looked bleak. 

Then yet another body blow! On the Tuesday morning before the Sunday outreach, the whole country ground inexorably to a halt caught in the grip of a fierce, ‘freak’ snowstorm. On Tuesday evening the following message was urgently emailed to as many prayer warriors as possible in one night, (i.e. without ‘robots’ or bulk mail software
…This morning we woke up to a thick blanket of snow whipped up by a fierce gale and described by the ‘weathermen’ as a freak blizzard. One hundred thousand homes were without electricity as most of the country reeled from one of the worst, sudden snowstorms ever. With five days to go ‘til the outreach, the metrological office have issued warnings that the weather will worsen for the weekend and are advising people not to venture out”. 

Dublin airport is closed down with hundreds of flights cancelled and all ferry sailings are stopped. Within one mile of the meeting venue the road today was blocked with fallen trees and snow whilst counties surrounding Dublin are worse hit.  In the natural, things looked grim for the meeting but we stand on God’s Word. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”, Heb.13: 8. Jesus is also the Lord of nature for “ he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm” Matt.8: 26. The Lord parted the Red Sea in Exodus 14:16. 

We have actually witnessed Jesus part dense, black storm clouds, stop a downpour only in the city where we were lifting up His Name whilst all around the country, heavy rain continued.

When we left the city the downpour resumed within minutes. HIS work will be accomplished not by power, not by might but by My Spirit says the Lord. So we are not afraid…”

UPDATE: “The Victory is the Lords”

Wednesday the storm abated and we resumed full preparations. The following message was emailed to the prayer teams on Saturday:
“… Tuesday I contacted you and all the prayer warriors. Wednesday the snow stopped as suddenly as it came.” 

Although frost remained and it was bitterly cold, 7 below zero, Paul, (evangelist) and myself (help) managed to get the last of the lamppost posters up, late that night. Situation has improved steadily even though the met’ office continue to forecast deteriorating conditions. Today the sky was blue; no frost just a little cold. Praise the Lord and thanks to all the intercessors.
On Sunday with less than five hours to go, the following message was emailed to our beloved prayer warriors:
“…. Thank you! Four and a half hours to go; one and a half ‘til we leave AND the sun is out! It’s a clear, cloudless, snow less, sunny, hot day and there is a scorching sun dancing in the heavens. Outside children are playing in the street with their summer shirts on.
The Lord often leaves things ‘till the last minute but He’s never late. Other parts of Ireland are still shivering..”
……………………………. the outreach was still on and God was in charge!