Ireland’s Accidental Immigrant

‘Ireland’s Accidental Immigrant,
by Harry

From captive slave, to patron saint,
Saint Patrick’s story we all acquaint.
Kidnapped by pirates, forced to herd,
Yet from his faith in God he never deterred.

In Ireland’s land of Druids and pagans,
Patrick preached of Jesus’s love and salvation.
His prayers, a hundred in day and night,
Brought light to the darkness and shone so bright.

With a crozier and a mitre on his head,
Patrick held a shamrock and cross, legend has said,
He drove serpents out, Irish humour we adore,
His message of love and kindness we implore.

Today, the Irish’s sense of humour and joy,
Welcomes visitors from all over and enjoy.
Their unbreakable bond and pride they share,
For their Irish blood, with love and care.

Patrick’s captivity ended, freedom restored,
A vision from God, back to Ireland he soared.
Thousands converted, entire kingdoms swayed,
Patrick’s love for God, never did fade.

On March 17th, he breathed his last,
A life of poverty, traveling, yet steadfast.
Today, we honour Saint Patrick’s name,
And the legacy of faith he did proclaim.

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