Whose kingdom are YOU building.. God’s or your own?

A question that each born-again Christian should ask them selves every day is:

Am I putting God first in my life or myself? The answer is quite simple. Just look at your own website and see whose picture is looking back out at you? Is it Jesus, the Son of God who it should be or is it you?

By doing this you will see for your self, if it is yourself, that you are now building up your own kingdom which has nothing to do with God whatsoever. This letter is to Pastors and to all born-again Christians; to ask themselves whose kingdom they are building?

We looked at numerous Christian websites and believe it or not, the Name of Jesus was extremely difficult and rare to find. However the name of the Pastor, his or her ministry and photographs were plastered prominently all over the sites.
When I saw this, I asked myself, ‘did they die for themselves or did Jesus die for them’?

If they are working for the kingdom of God their ministry should be involved in OUTreaches and that does not mean INreaches. The sinners are outside the church doors, doing what they do best, sinning. They are not looking at the God Channel or listening to Christian music. They are in pubs and clubs and places of ill-repute. Listen to me Pastors while I tell you gently, this is what Jesus died for.

He didn’t go for the Holy Huddles and Cuddles, the get-togethers of Christian churches who enjoy each other’s company. This is good but not all the time and on it’s own won’t reach anyone. You are a vessel of the Most High God. You are supposed to be about your Father’s business, that is, saving the lost, the sick and the lonely.

For all those other Pastors whose theme is to build bigger churches – is this God’s will for you? They bring their own problems in themselves. In more cases than not, it keeps you there sorting out the problems rather than be able to go out and reach the lost which is God’s plan.

When you appear before Him, will He say, “Well done good and faithful servant” or “Go away from me, I do not know you?”

Servant of God

“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you’re not saved yourself, be sure of that!” Charles H. Spurgeon

“Go for souls. Go for souls, and go for the worst.” William Booth.

“I will not believe that thou hast tasted of the honey of the gospel if thou can eat it all to thyself.” Spurgeon

“A true witness delivereth souls” (Proverbs 14:25).

If a man be content, without being a soul winner let him seek to have the stone taken out of his heart that he may feel for perishing men. Spurgeon

“A minister who is a mere man pleaser is a soul destroyer” Spurgeon.

This may be a harsh letter but it is true. If you wish to comment upon the Five Fold Ministry Ireland, make sure you can match their fruit first.

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