God moves in mysterious ways

A Great Light is coming......
A Great Light is coming……

Sunday and still feeling a little tired after our London outreach. Time to reflect on God’s Love, mercy and compassion. I didn’t know where to start with this report so checked my emails first. There in my inbox I was surprised and delighted to find most encouraging emails. Testimonies of three people who are “very grateful for what God has done for us” (them). They were “blessed, humbled and so very appreciative”. “A Life-changing experience”.

So uplifted with the glowing testimonials to God’s Grace and Love, I shall begin at the beginning. As Paul, John and I arrived at the new terminal 2 in the Dublin airport departures area on Tuesday, we were in good spirits and filled with anticipation of what God would do at the London meeting.

Dublin Airport, terminal 2.
Dublin Airport, terminal 2.

The tickets were pre-paid weeks ago so we could go to the computerised check-in. I remembered that after the flights were selected and paid for online (at the best price-God provides) , Aer Lingus the Irish national carrier, had sent me an automated email. This offered us the facility of choosing our seats together for an extra fee of €15 euro each as opposed to each receiving a randomly allocated seat anywhere on the plane. Extra costs options were also available for the extra leg-length rows at the emergency exits. However we had declined the extra charges as God had promised we would have adjacent seats. At the check-in, I clicked in the reference code and presto, of course the computer spat out boarding passes with three side by side seats and in the extra space rows.

Onboard, John sat down first. As Paul and I began to enter our seats, a slightly agitated male attendant moved quickly towards us wagging his forefinger. “No, no, you cannot sit there sirs. I do not have you registered here”, glancing at some records. Without answering, I smiled and presented our boarding cards. “Oh” he said, stopping abruptly and looking puzzled, “Oh, sorry, you’d better sit there then”. As usual what God ordains happens.

After a flawless flight we arrived at the Premier Inn London Heathrow (Bath Road) hotel, only five minutes from arrivals. There we met our New York based, intercessor and prayer manager Mel. who had earlier flown in from the U.S.A. All our small team were immediately struck by the great sense of peace permeating the Premier Inn when we arrived at the venue. The presence of God was obvious not just in the meeting rooms but throughout the hotel complex.

As the time approached to begin in the meeting room we were a little uneasy as the usual crowds were not flocking in. Then we remembered that Jesus had told us it would begin as a trickle, then a stream then an ocean. We determined that whether one or one thousand attended, we would give Jesus no less than 100% of our best to the last minute.

On the first night people (all Christians) were ‘slain in the spirit’. All were prophesied over and received the desires of their heart. It’s actually almost unique for Christians to attend our meetings as our outreaches are usually filled with people who do not know Jesus or sometimes those who know about Him but don’t know Him. Most of the Christians were not seeking His Hand but His Heart and though it was a blessing to witness God’s children experience a deeper relationship with Him there were no broken limbs or visible / physical afflictions.

A Bishop, having worked for many years for God and endured many trials was greatly touched and restored by God. He gave me a touching testimony of how God had commanded him to attend the meeting.

As would be expected, he had faced difficulties in making the trip but God had provided a way. It is our experience that only when there is great resistance are there greater rewards in terms of souls won for the kingdom of heaven.

five fold ministry ireland

God revealed to the Bishop his way forward and how to overcome present challenges in expanding the Bishop’s church. It is our intention also to work with this man of God to introduce more people to Jesus on subsequent trips.

A Christian lady told Paul she had been diagnosed as progressively ‘going blind’. After prayer she was ‘slain in the spirit’ and told not only that she was healed but that other issues in her life would now be resolved. She has a doctors appointment this weekend.

Other christians rededicated their lives to Christ and some had minor healings (though they may not have been minor to them). We were puzzled by the lack of what we would describe as “visibly spectacular” demonstrations of power as we had expected and are very well used to, even though we know that the greatest miracle is the transformation of ones heart and life when one chooses Jesus. He had told us not to look at what we see but what we don’t see…. the eternal difference. And yet there was an almost indescribable peace and holiness about the whole event. Gentle Five Fold Ministry Ireland music played softly in the background as frankincense and myrrh incense wafted through the air-conditioned function room.

“Joshua” and his sister “Ashley” were ‘slain in the spirit’ the moment Paul laid hands on them and were tremendously and visibly touched by God. Both were prophesied over as to becoming world evangelists and the answers to all problems and burdens in their lives was provided by Jesus.
These two Godly young people have a tremendous hunger for the Word and Anointing of God. We believe this is exactly what they got. God would not have brought them across the Atlantic solely for this one meeting if it were not important. They were called to be trained, blessed and anointed for a huge work. They will be tremendously used by God, initially in a small meeting they attend called “Crossroads”. The name will change as hundreds and hundreds of young people convert to Jesus and join their ministry. The potential of these two young but ‘mature’ Christians is extraordinary. ‘Maturity in Christ’ of course being measured not in years but in obedience and depth.

As the first nights meeting closed we were wondering though, what was God doing but not for a moment doubting that God had a plan to bring a light like a flaming torch through the darkened city of London, the U.K. and further afield and also that this meeting would herald the beginning of the greatest revival ever. We have learned to ‘wait on and trust God’, although He sometimes seems slow in coming, He is never ever late.

Next morning we enjoyed the Premier Inn hotel complex that God had picked. It was part of a budget hotel chain of 650 hotels and offered tremendous value, facilities and service. It was by far the most enjoyable, blessed hotel we have ever stayed in, at any price regardless of “star ratings”. During a special time of prayer prior to the second meeting we learned that part of God’s plan was to first break spiritual forces over London and dispel the enveloping darkness there prior to a much bigger outreach later; to anoint and equip two young people to launch a youth ministry under the Five Fold Ministry Ireland umbrella in New York; to launch a team of powerful, highly anointed world evangelists, a new generation of ‘Generals” in His army who will carry forth His Light; to heal a number of Christians, equip others and lead some people who did not know Jesus to accepting Him as their Lord and Saviour.

We were encouraged when Christians were healed and blessed and came to know Jesus with their heart and not just their head and when some non-christians repented and accepted Jesus however in our hearts we wondered when Jesus would demonstrate hIs awesome power as promised? Amongst the last people to respond was a Godly Christian lady of Asian extraction. She had brought her son and daughter who both accepted Jesus. The mother and children were slain in the spirit and healed and the son promised to attend church with his parents from then on. The dad was prayed over for an illness, in his seat.

To anyone who has not witnessed or does not understand the phenomena of being “slain in the spirit”, to the non-believer onlooker it can at first appear scary. To the person slain, it is usually a wonderful sense of peace and calmness and of closeness to God. Physically the person appears to gently faint as they collapse on the ground without ever hurting themselves. On the contrary, they later ‘come to’ feeling refreshed and renewed and with a new awareness of and sensitivity to, the presence and holiness of our loving God Jesus Christ. For ourselves we have witnessed this tens of thousands of times, so unfortunately we can sometimes gloss over what for the person, can be an astonishing and life-changing experience.

When Paul had finished praying over some individual Christians he formally thanked those who had come and officially closed the meeting, earlier than planned. All who came to the meeting were happy, blessed and content. All were impressed by the instant power of God that flowed through His servant Paul. Many were surprised to notice that no one had asked for money, there were no collections, no charges or cries for donations, nothing sold. After the team had privately given thanks to God we knew that He too was happy but we each asked each other, what else is going to happen?

We were preparing to pack up for the night and have a hot chocolate or coffee in the Costa Cafe in the complex when we were surprised to receive some late visitors. Pastor Paul Naughton of the Internationally-known, Harvest Church and Leadership Training Centre at Wembley, Middlesex swept into the room with an entourage of his top church leadership.

Pastor Paul apologised for his lateness but explained how they were “up to their eyes in it” at Harvest Church, having recently returned from the U.S.A. and having recently hosted Apostle Maldonado and other hi-profile Christian leaders. Friendly banter was exchanged as the two Pauls recounted stories of power-packed Five Fold meetings in the USA decades ago. In the very early days of the Five Fold Ministry Ireland, Pastor Paul was a backing musician in the team when the Five Fold did its first American tour. To this day, many churches established then, continue to thrive and prosper, with an unquenchable thirst for souls which of course is the reason, the only reason, Jesus came on Earth.

Pastor Paul and his wife Pastor Jo had invited the Five Fold Ministry Ireland to pray at their original venue, a hired school/church hall in Edgware. In the earlier venue, (Our) Paul had prayed with Pastor Paul and Pastor Jo that God would provide them with their own larger church and of course He later did in the shape of the large, modern and well-appointed Wembley church known to many Londoners and foreign visitors alike. Each of the two exciting events in the old premises were nights of great blessings with Pastor Paul and Pastor Jo and their children all being ‘slain in the spirit’ and blessed by God when (our) Paul prayed over them.

Pastors Paul and Jo come for prayer
Pastors Paul and Jo come for prayer
Slain- AFTER Paul prayed.
Slain- AFTER Paul prayed.

(Full report and photos on the Harvest Church meetings is here).

In the midst of the conversation Pastor Paul unselfishly asked (Our) Paul for prayer for everyone else. For his Chief prayer manager, his assistant pastor and other Harvest Church leaders. At this point I had noticed (our) Paul’s face had changed in to a glowing, deep oak tan and was growing deeper and deeper by the minute. This is always a sign to the team that something awesome is about to happen as the Glory of God descends. At the same time I also noticed that other visitors were coming into the room.

It was easy to discern that they were Christian leaders as the Hand of God could be seen all over them. I went down and had a blessed time talking with Pastor Andrew and Kevin. Andrew pastors the successful London, Revival Church. In the midst of our fellowship I saw Paul form a circle for prayer with the Harvest Church delegation. Quickly Andrew, Kevin and I went to the front and joined in the holding of hands and praying and worshipping God. Paul asked that we sing “Oh the Blood of Jesus” three times, an anointed hymn which ‘seals’ the prayer room.

All experienced the presence of God in a tangible powerful way as we joyously sang together. Pastor Paul asked (our) Paul for a special prayer for the chief prayer manager. Paul stepped forward, and asked the man, “Would you like to experience the Glory of God?” The church leader nodded and replied “Yes”. I was quite a way behind the man, praying. Paul cautioned the man, “Are you ready, you will feel this?”

“In the Name of Jesus” prayed Paul and the man hurtled backwards with a force the like of which I’ve never seen before. So fast that, as he collapsed, he knocked me to the ground also and scattered all around. As I dragged myself out from under, Paul was already praying phenomenal gifts into the ‘slain’ man. Tongues, Interpretation of tongues, healing, the list went on. Paul prophesied that the man would “Go forth” as a “World Evangelist” and inputted other blessings from God which I didn’t clearly hear due to the excitement at what was unfolding.

Eyes closed, in a cataleptic ecstatic state on the floor, the man’s body began to vigorously tremble from top to toe. We all gasped as his body appeared to levitate in the horizontal position inches from the floor, at first at an even angle, then with his head higher and legs lower and alternating vice versa.

(Our) Paul spun round and asked, “Who else wants something from God. Ask now”. A tall, heavy-set man stepped forward. (Afraid I’ve forgotten the titles). After prayer (Our) Paul asked would you like to see how sensitive you have now become to the Holy Spirit? As soon as the man had nodded, Paul without further ado, merely “blew” on the big man and he was instantly pushed back by the awesome Power of the Holy Spirit..

Before Paul blew on the man
Before Paul blew on the man
AFTER Paul blew on the man
AFTER Paul blew on the man

Dramatic prophecies followed that God’s plan for this man was that he too will be a World Evangelist and there and then God was equipping him to carry out His appointed and now anointed mission. Similar and equally dramatic ‘slayings’ and prophecies followed one after another not just to Pastor Paul’s entire team but to the two other amazed leaders, Andrew and Kevin.

AFTER Paul blew on the man
All fell under the power of the Holy Spirit
New World Evangelists appointed and anointed
New World Evangelists appointed and anointed

Pastor Andrew later invited us to London to hold a major Five Fold Ministry Ireland outreach this year. (Dates and Details to be finalised and confirmed).      All of Pastor Pauls leadership team were given specific missions by God and empowered to carry them out as were Andrew and Kevin, the Bishop and several Christians from the UK and USA. It was clear God was creating a foundation to build upon for what is to come.

The last night was quieter but with further evangelists being raised up. We had never experienced this before, God raising up so many evangelists (and He did say that even more would be raised up). This is obviously part of His plan to take back London to the Glory of God. London is due for a tremendous blessing and you will be the first to know as we will announce the exact dates here soon and further events as they unfold.
God bless,

Five Fold Ministry Ireland

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