Phenomenal MIRACLES in LONDON this month.

A Great Light is coming......
A Great Light is coming……

Good News! Yes, the Five Fold Ministry Ireland, one of the foremost Christian Healing ministries in the world, are coming to LONDON with the MIRACLE-HEALING Revival!

Phenomenal MIRACLES and HEALING are prophesied over the God-ordained, three-day event. FREE REGISTRATION, FREE ADMITTANCE, No fees, Nothing for sale. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified will be preached not in Word only but in POWER and Anointing.

The Irish ministry is literally unique. Unique first of all in a spiritual sense by the Grace of God, in POWER and results. Their dramatic meetings have attracted widespread interest and publicity on both sides of the Atlantic for miraculous signs and healings that have reportedly occurred during these FREE events.

It has been reported that, “Invalids get out of wheelchairs, backs are straightened, eyes are restored to perfect sight. Sufferers are freed from alcoholism, asthma, drug abuse, cancer stress, depression etc., and victims have been healed from a wide range of physical, financial and spiritual burdens.” The ‘fruit’ of the ministry is tremendous with hundreds of thousands of hurting people being led to Jesus Christ. The Blind have seen, the deaf heard, the lame walked. (Literally)! Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matt. 7:20 (KJV)

Paul is the charismatic leader of the small, voluntary group who give of their time freely and gladly, pay their own expenses and share the costs associated with the public outreaches and private meetings. Paul himself withholds his name from all publicity, including the posters now springing up across London and throughout social media, as he “wants, to lift up only the Name of Jesus Christ, the one true healer”.

He urges everyone, especially the sick of all denominations and of none, “to avail of this their 107th (public) meeting but to come early to avoid the disappointment of being turned away. Meetings are usually full before opening”. He added, “LONDON will be the centre of a great outpouring of Gods Spirit on Tuesday, 29th July 2014” whilst stressing, “healing does not come from me. It comes from God and only at His will. We are not hard-core bible-thumpers and there is no yelling or stomping. Just gentle music and calmness. We are not telling anyone new doctrines but all of us need help, when human help does not work there is someone to lend a helping hand in life. We are not here to point a finger only to preach a loving God in Jesus Christ.

Those attending this meeting will witness things they have never seen before nor may ever see again in their lifetime. The POWER of God will heal in London on that evening and I promise that the people will not be disappointed”, proclaimed Paul.

Numerous individuals and USA churches of all denominations and from other countries are praying and fasting that all who attend this meeting will be greatly blessed. Christians from every corner of the globe whom the citizens of London and the UK have never met, have come together and are on their knees daily that the desires of hurting people’s hearts will be granted at this incredible meeting.

Paul believes that this meeting will represent a tremendous breakthrough for spiritual advancement in the United Kingdom and an even greater harvest for the Kingdom of God. Probably the most powerful, most exciting meeting in London this year, the MIRACLE-HEALING REVIVAL will begin like a trickle, grow into a river and then a tsunami that will sweep across London and the nation, healing and transforming by the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit.

This great Outpouring of Grace and Power for Miraculous healing and refreshing is expected in England’s Capital city at 6.30pm on Tuesday 29th – 31st July 2014. The venue will be revealed on July 14th on radio, the Five Fold Ministry Ireland website(s) and social media as will the address for FREE Online registration.

The Five Fold Ministry Ireland is also unique in a “worldly” sense in that despite decades of outstandingly successful event productions at home and abroad, the ministry does not seek donations. Admission is FREE, Registration is FREE, at these packed events. They do not charge fees of any kind so as “not to be a burden to those in need”. No books or CD’s or goods are sold and “you will not be solicited for donations after the event either”, assured Paul.

Our task is to convict and persuade a sceptical world that the risen Jesus Christ of the Bible is the only solution to all the problems of the world-personally, nationally and globally. The demonstration of God’s phenomenal power, the manifestation of His unending Love and compassion at these anointed meetings will persuade even the hardest of hearts.

Five Fold Ministry Ireland

It Begins ...........
It Begins ………..

**UPDATE** Visit the updated blog “This time there will be Room at the Inn for Jesus” for FREE admission tickets and FREE Registration or visit the free reservation site directly: 

See you there!! Harry.

Five Fold Ministry Ireland

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