In Remembrance

Do this in memory of Me
Do this in memory of Me.

The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is so solid that if it were taken to a court of law today, the judge and jury would be forced to admit it’s true…based on the indisputable facts:
• The tomb was (and still is) empty.
• Early resurrection testimony: 540+ eyewitnesses to  Jesus.
Enemy testimony: Roman guards, James & Saul.
• Multiple, independent, eyewitness sources (8-9).
• Extra-biblical references (10 ancient sources*).
• Early church explosion (no other explanation).
• Transformed lives of disciples + conversion of Paul & James.
• 456 prophecies fulfilled perfectly: Jesus’ birth,  death & resurrection.

* Note: The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful of all time, yet the emperor during the time that Jesus lived is mentioned in only 8 sources. Jesus? 10.His existence and accomplishments are historical facts that can’t be denied.

Is Jesus God?

See: Science Finds God”

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