Road to Calvary 4: Messiah Foretold

Jesus, Paul, Peter, the apostles and prophets testified to the accuracy and truthfulness of the scriptures. Here are some of the scriptural prophecies relating to Jesus, the promised Messiah.

The first promise of the coming Messiah came to Adam and Eve. God promised that a descendant of Eve would be born who would crush the snake’s head. The snake who deceived Eve is Satan. The promise means the coming Messiah would defeat Satan completely.

Gods promise to Moses
Gods promise to Moses

God promised Moses that He would raise up another prophet like Moses. This was another reference to the coming Messiah.

Gods promise to David
Gods promise to David

God promised David that the Messiah would be one of David’s own descendants. Through the prophet Jeremiah, God promised that He would make a New Covenant, but not like God’s Covenant with Israel. In the New Covenant, God would write His law on the people’s hearts, the people would know God, they would be His people, and God would forgive their sins. The Messiah would start the New Covenant.

Messiah's birth predicted
Messiah’s birth predicted

The prophets also predicted the birth of the coming Messiah. Malachi foretold that a great prophet would come before the Messiah came. Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would be born from a virgin. Micah said that he would be born in the town of Bethlehem.            ………. more next post.

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